"I started Ashtanga from the beginning with Louise and have continued to go to her ever since, I wish I could fit more of her classes into my life!! She is a fabulous teacher who creates a relaxed atmosphere and inspires you throughout the practice with clear guidance that comes from her heart. I always feel inspired after the class and uplifted.....thank you Louise for sharing your passion."


"I’m pretty new to yoga and have been trying many kinds, Ashtanga with Louise is a standout favourite. She is a brilliant teacher and I have learned so much in the past 5 weeks. I highly recommend her classes."


"Louise is an incredible yoga teacher. She keeps things fresh and simple. This doesn’t mean that her classes are easy but means that there is so much space for you to explore your practice. She got me into Ashtanga and I really love the practice. It’s a space where you can move through postures without judgement. Flowing and trying hard. Being where you are at and having fun in the process. The consistency of the practice helped me nail headstand. Something that I’ve found hard and scary in the past."


"She has a calming presence and leads you through the sequence with grace and ease. She knows her stuff and offers really lovely assists where appropriate. I have always left her classes feeling relaxed and in great spirits. Would highly recommend."


"She has such a personable approach and adapts her approach to help all levels whether complete beginner or more advanced. A perfect relaxing exercise after a busy day’s work, thanks Louise! Namaste."


"Louise’s friendly and inclusive approach to teaching puts even the most nervous and inexperienced at ease. She oozes kindness which, combined with a deep knowledge and understanding, creates the perfect atmosphere for a yoga class.
Louise has helped me over the years by adapting and adjusting poses due to issues I have with my back (although yoga has definitely been fundamental in improving my back health over the last few years) and has helped me overcome both physical and mental hurdles through yoga. There has always been the option to challenge and push myself in class and I am very aware (especially the day after) that this is a full body workout.
For a long time I hid behind the notion that I needed to be of a certain fitness level to begin class, Louise has shown me that this is simply not true. As well as this, my head always seems a little clearer and my worries lightened after class. She has helped me understand the importance and value of the meditative aspect that is intertwined throughout yoga and as someone who tries to meditate to reduce anxiety, I have benefited from learning to breathe correctly through sequences and within poses. For me, this is a perfect example of overall health, body and mind working as one.
Thank you Louise, I am forever grateful for your unlimited patience and support."


"Louise visited our Rainbows group for a session. The girls had lots of fun; Louise was brilliant at managing the group and keeping them engaged. The session was very well adapted to their ability and age group. Thanks Louise!"


"Because of Louise, Ashtanga is now my favourite type of yoga. Her classes are challenging but because of her lovely nature you feel supported and encouraged to progress."


"Louise always creates a welcoming peaceful atmosphere and gives a lot of herself in the class. She teaches with a grace that allows you the space to make the practice truly your own. I am grateful for the opportunity to practice with Louise and am always inspired by her approach to Ashtanga."


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