I started practising yoga in 2013 when my mum moved up to the North East. She was teaching yoga so I went along to her classes to help with my running. I dipped in and out of classes to start with, but over time my yoga practice became more than just a physical workout.  I started practising more regularly and looked forward to my yoga classes as a chance to switch off from the outside world and check in with myself.


I had always practised an Ashtanga/Vinyasa style led class but two years after starting yoga I had my first taste of a Mysore style Ashtanga class and absolutely loved it! After a trip to India I became much more committed to my practice and have been pretty much hooked on Ashtanga ever since. I practise both at home and Mysore classes and I currently practise full Primary and Intermediate Series.


I completed my 250 hrs Ashtanga Yoga Teacher training in June 2018 at The Yoga Space with Brian Cooper and Nichi Green and I now teach Ashtanga led classes based on the Primary Series.  I also teach children’s yoga and I am very lucky to be able to teach with my lovely mum on the beautiful beaches of Tynemouth during the summer!


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